Requested Artwork: Hogwarts Castle

Hey Guys,

So I thought I’d share one of the requested pieces I’ve drawn! This one is of Hogwarts, from the book and film series Harry Potter.

Such a fun piece to draw, took me 25 hours but I think it was totally worth it!

This is getting me sooooo excited for my new Graphics Tablet to arrive, can’t wait to share more with you guys!

What do you think? Let me know in the comments section!



The Virtual Reality

Hi guys,

This is the beginning of my new story, I hope you enjoy it!

Violet Ross was an avid gamer, she loved games on the PC, PlayStation, her Nintendo and PSP. She loved her board games, puzzles and brain teasers. Videogames, Tabletop games, Oculus. You name it. Her Mum often teased her for being in a world of her own. “One day Violet, I fear we’ll lose you inside one of these games!” her Mum laughed, ruffling her deep brunette hair. Violet was oddly beautiful; her long, coffee coloured hair complimented her bright emerald eyes. Pale skin and dark circles beneath her eyes told the tales of countless wins, defeats and late nights dedicated to creating stories for different games.

Her Dad was the main reason she was so into the gaming world. Not only was he a game modeller, but he also programmed and had successfully created many leading videogames in the industry. In Violet’s early years, she had been able to test the different consoles and go to work with her father. She lived in a daydream, her mind was constantly ticking over creative ideas, and thinking of new strategies. Her sister Fleur was the complete opposite; she despised the virtual world and was much more in touch with nature and science. “Science-fiction isn’t real science, Violet. How do you expect to change the world using a games console?” Fleur laughed, as she put on her walking boots.

It was a dingy afternoon, the autumn sky fell grey over the browning leaves of the moulting trees. Fleur had insisted on taking their mother and pet dog Susie on a windy autumn walk through her favourite forest. Waving goodbye to her mother, sister and Susie, Violet smiled at her father, who sat in his big office chair, his shaggy, deep black hair spread across his thick rimmed glasses. Examining a very complicated looking drawing of an elf with many numbers and letters surrounding, he peered over his glasses at Violet, “Eh, they’ll be gone until tea time. That’s a good 10 hours. Fancy testing out my new game?” he winked, holding out the Oculus, a virtual reality kit which allowed her to see games in 3D. “Of course. Are you playing?” she grinned, feeling giddy inside at the thought of testing a new game. She especially loved the Oculus, she swore that at times, it wasn’t just virtual reality. Handing her a cup of tea, her dad announced his usual opening statement “Put on your goggles. Game on. Team Ross unite! Let’s kick their asses!” Grinning, they glided into a virtual reality. The sky was a midnight blue, the air seemed eerie. There they stood in front of a great white mansion. Looking at her father, they nodded in sync. “Let’s go in.”

Anonymous no more!

Hi Everyone!

Former known as ‘shortstoriesbyanon’

After an overwhelming response from you all over the past 8 months, I’ve decided to go public! My name is Ellesse, I’m 20 years old. I study Business and Management at the University of Lincoln and I originally come from Leicester!

I’d just like to thank you all for following and reading my stories.

I promise there will be more to come!

See you in my world,



Another look into Adam’s sick childhood…

Here’s another childhood scene from our beloved Adam Hunter, taking a look back at his childhood again. Enjoy!

Adam was an average child, he was good at Chemistry and below average at English. His family lived on a typical estate in the suburbs, an area of relatively large houses where neighbours were friendly and the biggest scandal was the milkman forgetting you had ordered an extra pint of milk that day. Adam and his father played chess on a Monday, something his father had always enjoyed. “Well done, Adam. You did brilliantly today! Nobody would have thought you were only 8!” his dad grinned, a proud fatherly expression spread all over his face. Adam smiled, proud that he had won against his own father. “Here, I bought you a bear. His name is George! He’s very special so you must take good care of him.” Adam’s dad smiled, handing him a small, fluffy brown bear, a grin plastered on its face permanently. “Thank you, Dad! I will go put him in my room!” Adam beamed, holding George tight to his chest.

He bounded up the stairs, opening the big wooden door to the bathroom. Checking behind him, he locked the door with a click. “I never liked cuddly toys, George.” He started, holding the grinning brown bear in his hand. “But you are very special. Very, very special.” He grinned, walking over to the bathroom cabinet. “Now, what do we have here?” he smiled, pushing his glasses up on his nose, he grabbed his father’s cut-throat razor, and began to slice off George’s limbs, eyes and ears in order. Holding up the bear, Adam smirked at his work “Yes, George. You’re very special, truly. No eyes, no ears, no paws, yet you’re still beaming.”

Another little insight into Adam’s life…

Adam as a teenager, another couple of paragraphs into his dark life. This one isn’t my favourite, but I hope you enjoy!

Daisy was perfect. She wasn’t flawed in any way. Her beautiful long brunette hair swished in the wind as she lay in the bright green spring meadow. “Adam, come here!” She laughed, pulling him into the long, tall grass. They both giggled simultaneously. “Dais, look at your tiny hands.” Adam smiled, taking her miniature hands in his. “I don’t know how they could be so small, you’re so delicate!” He laughed, brushing his lips against hers, seeing into her beautiful ocean blue eyes. In that moment they were perfect. “Hey let’s go for a walk! How about we go to that treehouse? It’s not far from here!” Daisy grinned, pulling Adam behind her.

As they walked through the woods, the beautiful sunshine shone through the dark, green trees. They arrived the treehouse quickly, and began climbing. “It reminds me of being 8 again!” Daisy laughed, securing her feet in rickety footholds and she climbed up to the treehouse. As she arrived at the top, an old bell chimed in the wind. “Adam come up here! Look at the view!” She shouted, urging him to climb faster. Exhausted, he plonked down on the ground, hanging his feet over the edge of the treehouse. “Isn’t this wonderful, being a child was the life!” Daisy smiled, holding Adams hand. “You didn’t know me then…” He squeezed her hand tighter. “I know, but don’t you remember all those great family times?” She grinned, squinting through the trees at the sun. “But you prefer it now?” Adam tried, squeezing Daisy’s hand a little too tight. “Ouch stop squeezing me so tight!” She cried, trying to pull her hand free. Adam stood up, pulling daisy with him. “Tell me you like it better with me!” He yelled, pushing her to the hard, wooden ground. She felt up to her head, sticky, dark blood covered her fingers. “Adam I’m bleeding, stop it please” she cried, tears rolled down her face like a river. He never stopped. A first kill.

He wandered into the meadow, an eerie calm ran through his veins. Collecting flowers, he picked many Daisy’s, daffodils, buttercups and a single yellow rose he found at the edge of the woods. Climbing back up the treehouse, he sat by his beloved girlfriend’s bruised and bloody body which he had covered in flowers. He smiled, placing a daisy over her heart.

“Daisy, daisy, give me your answer do. I’m half crazy, all for the love of you.”